Calik Denim, a strong solution partner of global brands, continues its pioneering and innovative production operations with over 1,600 employees in 4 continents and 40 countries. Calik maintains its leadership position in human resources strategies as well.

With its human resources practices, Calik Denim targets an open, transparent and shared working environment that fosters employee satisfaction and supports the continuous development of its employees, embraces ethical rules, and is open to new ideas. In line with these targets, modern human resources practices are blended and acknowledged within the corporate culture.

The foundation of Calik Denim’s human resources policy relies on;

  • Placing the right individuals in the right job with a customer-focused approach,
  • Evaluating the potentials of the employees efficiently,
  • Measuring the performance of employees with a performance management system,
  • Carrying out career planning with the right assignments,
  • Continuing long-term business cooperations with employees based on corporate culture.

Each member of the Calik Denim family adopts the corporate mission, vision and goals along with their own and strives to carry the company into a great future.

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