Collaboration with Brands

Devred x Calik Denim
Calik Denim has created a co-branding partnership with the French brand Devred producing a denim jacket made by Calik’s Fix-Fit concept to include in their Grazia Blazing Blue collection. As the new product took to Devred stores, Calik Denim found the opportunity to underline the advantages of its fabric provided for the end-users, through the hangtags which was written directly in French: Freedom of movement due to its high elasticity and permanent premium image due to special yarn structure and soft key.

D.CLIP x Calik Denim
Calik Denim has cooperated with Blue Bee, a Korean brand which created an exclusive men’s clothing collection called D.CLIP. Within the scope of this association, Calik Denim fabrics went on the international market under the name of D.CLIP.

Calik Denim has made a business alliance with Qipai, one of the Far Eastern brands which embraces innovation in every field. The brand put their own collections on the market using Elastech, the technology which has helped Qipai overcome the common problem for high elasticity denim fabric.

Tortoies, one of the brands that has made an impact with its environmentally sensitive production model in the Western US, added a new one to its sustainable denim collections. This collection produced by Calik Denim’s Oxygene technology, has drawn much attention for consuming less energy, less water and less chemicals.

Calik made a cooperation with Angels, one of the leading brands of the German market which has a mission to sell affordable trendy denim. Angels, having added color games and stitchery to their collection, also used the Oxygene concept by Calik Denim. The result was a better effect and a more environment-friendly production process at the same time.

LCW, a rapidly growing brand in and out of Turkey demanded Calik Denim’s Warm Up technology which stands out with the warm feeling and soft texture it provides. The collection which was referred to as the Jeans That Keep Warm offers comfort and style all at once.

Parker Smith
Parker Smith, one of the leading premium denim brands in the Western US, globally known for its feminine fit developed a collection of sustainable concept. While producing the collection called the Oxygene Capsule, the brand chose Calik Denim’s Oxygene technology that consumes less water, less energy and less chemicals.

Another proof that the concept of sustainability is now in every moment of life is the collection of PLAC’s Oxygen concept. The American brand offered the joy of sustainable denim to its customers.

Calik Denim has made another cooperation, this time with Lilanz, one of China’s leading brands, for the Warm Up technology it has developed. The brand offered the ideal denim to its customers which provides softness as well as warmth during the winter season.

Never Denim
Jeans, showing women more fit by wrapping the body, is no longer a dream! Calik Denim has joined forces with Bik Bok/Never Denim, one of the leading brands in the Northern European market, offering the Thin Up concept which provides a perfect look especially for women. Easily distinguished among its counterparts by its improved elasticity ratio and special fibers, Thin Up offers comfort with unique flexibility also a perfect fit for Never Denim consumers.

Collaboration with Suppliers

Using Invista’s LYCRA® fiber, Calik Denim developed Fly Jean fabrics which offer a new dimension fort he Athlejean story. COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® IR Technologies add thermal features to these special fabrics. Özak Tekstil combined these Fly Jean fabrics with their experience and creativity, designin and outstanding collection.

Invista, 2016
Calik Denim held a seminar with Invista, on the performance product groups as part of The Denim Premier Vision Exhibition on May, 18-19 in 2016. The performance group concepts and technologies –Elastech, Circular Elastech, Curve, T-Power, Fix-Fit- including the Lycra fiber, which was developed by Invista, were promoted on the first day of the fair by Hamit Yenici, the General Director of Calik Denim. Invista’s marketing director Ebru Pirinçcioğlu also elaborated further on Invista technologies.

Collaboration with Tradeshows

Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs, 2017
Calik Denim introduced its new partnership project with Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs which was held in Las Vegas, between August 14 and 16, 2017. As part of the project, Calik Denim launched a special collection with the theme of athleisure style designed using its brand new and innovative Fly Jean fabrics.

Collaboration with Designers

Gülçin Çengel, 2015
Having won the Global Denim Awards with Gülçin Çengel, one of the finest young designers of Turkey, Calik decided to continue working with the successful designer. ART-IFICIAL, the collection she had presented for the contest had an international success and by adding a few more pieces Gülçin made a capsule wardrobe for Çalık Denim. The collection was widely acclaimed along with Calik’s other concepts such as Oxygene, Botanical Sense and Elastech.

Collaboration with Universities

Parsons, 2017
Calik Denim has partnered with the prestigious Parsons School of Design at The New School to power its new and first department devoted to denim.
The new department’s first course ‘Fashion Materiality’, powered by Calik Denim, investigates denim through the lens of design and construction and its rich history and influence in the fashion industry as well giving students the opportunity to learn about denim design and wash development.

Salvage Challenge, 2016
Calik Denim has also supported a project by supplying denim fabric to one of the most important schools in the world that brings up professionals for the denim world. The project was fostered by Kuyichi, one of the leading brands of Netherlands. The collection ”Salvage Challenge” where recycling and sustainability were the main themes, was created by students using Calik Denim’s fabrics which contained Crailar Flax as part of the Botanical Sense Concept.