from Latin “confluens”:
1) “con”.: with, together; addition
2)“fluens”.: that runs, flows; root of influences
“Additive influences”

In this very moment of humanity, interconnections that link us to the environment and people are strongly emerging. It is essential to find a way to be mindful of one another’s needs. Intellectual evolution, new ideas, living models and technologies are taking shape and redefining our roles by moving us from being passive consumers to active and “intelligent users”. Constructive interactions “Blue Connections” between human kind, creativity and technology are crossing to create new synapses. The resulting design will utilize all manner of process: science-led experimentation, ancient practices, futuristic technologies, slow design and rapid prototyping. 2018 will be a fundamental year for implementing technology and sustainability in everyday life! In this scenario the vitality of denim is so evident: a universe in constant Evolution, a deep rooted transformation driven on one side by flowering consumers and designers demand for ecology, performance, look and tactility; on the other side by social and industrial growing requirements for sustainable innovations at all levels. We are taking a path that will drive our denim collection to a new era.

Let innovation and creativity flow!