AW 20/21

Eudemony is not mere happiness. It is the highest stadium of joy which all humans are aspiring to reach. It is happiness understood as the purpose of life, the foundation of ethics and gives a precise role in directing our own conduct and way of living, reflecting the best of us.

The fulcrum of well-being can only be achieved by sharing experiences with others, like in an assembly where everyone can listen to diverse and innovative ideas transformed in a positive way. This system works with mathematical logic, the question enters in this space and all the actors and resources help to generate the change and expand it in circle, like waves propagating after a drop collides on water: the ripples on the surface calmly radiating outwards, touching and affecting everything. This motion extends the energy all around like gravitational orbits and influences all aspects, from well-being, physical and emotional health to interaction in the mutable world without any constriction. This metamorphosis is palpable in what people are wearing. You are your home, so the body is seeking for garments giving relaxing sensation, functionality, flexibility and offering long-lasting feature.

All processes that make a garment with this soul are inevitably led by the high value of sustainability, where technology creates new perspectives, drastically reduces waste and reaches water saving in order to repair the natural environment: this is the company responsibility path that Calik Denim still continues to travel in.