The Blue Magnetism
SS 21

The interaction between Earth, humans and technology creates new synapses. As what happens with gravity, the world of denim is naturally attracted to its base, following the roots of its origins and bringing its primary values to the contemporary product.

Gravity is about balance and being down-to-earth, which is the realest lifestyle. Technology, however, brings us to another level which opens new frontiers. The “Blue grounding” brings the two elements together allowing us to root ourselves and, at the same time, develop our work.

Inspired by this concept, we are reconnecting to our authenticity, our truth and the relationship with nature and sensations. This is the final goal, the perfect result reached through the match of fundamental and iconic features of innovation with the core of the product.

Beginning from this nucleus, the connections are branching out and new intuitions are taking shape, influenced from different fields of their surroundings, which are creating virtual communities that connect different cultures in a progressive network of knowledge: a new wave of activism which increases the common awareness, allowing us better life for ourselves as well as for the planet.

This new holistic approach brings together open minds, concreteness and empathy. Through the Company’s vision, the experiences and specialities work in mutual collaboration, getting together in order to arise new ideas. These will be the result of a research of better qualities and sustainable solutions, generating a new consciousness of the environment and of human well-being.