The world market is evolving fast and consumers are changing their point of view on products and services every minute; accordingly the fashion and denim businesses need to refocus on collections with non-traditional approaches in fabric and materials.

The dress must give something to the wearer; the fabrics have to INTERACT with the body. Fabric is no longer just a material to cover the body and look good to the consumer, it is something that must have a positive property. It demands a smarter way to create innovative solutions to fashion brands’ problems, always dealing with washings and developing new styles. The best way to be INTERACTIVE with customers is to guide them throughout emerging problems and engage them with the product’s positive benefits. Today, research has to be the INTERACTIVE link between the customer and the future. In this context and with these guidelines, Calik Denim constantly looks for innovation, a discovery that brings the customer in a positive INTERACTION with his/her upcoming needs. It’s in every inch of the fabric Calik Denim weaves.