The Blue Intelligence
SS 20

Multi sensory experiences challenge our perceptions and transport us to other worlds. Colours, touch, embrace feelings, highlighted by technology, speed new innovations, allowing us to immerge ourselves in a new dimension.

Now, more than ever, the fabrics are new vehicles to transfer these sensations and widen our perceptions. This futuristic vision and the mutable approach in ever evolving activities, expand the identity and diversity. A celebration of beauty and importance of personal cultural heritage, free the expression of ourselves and give a new interpretation to the products.

The “act of engineering” is translated into fashion architecture and garments with sculptural qualities; textiles are mailable, moldable and foldable with clever performance skills and volume. The smart new developments disclose wearable tech solutions and simultaneously contour the body shape.

The awareness in employing resources with the use of creative solutions and independent point of view, balance the consumerism with environmental concern. Intelligent and sustainable enrichment, influences the future ruling and creates a re-alignment of body – heart – mind – spirit.

The experiences of the past, together with contemporary moment, thrust us out into the future. Historical textile and structures are re-edited by giving new function and surface, marking the needs of authenticity with a new fresh perception that creates a new dimension for dressing.

Sensorial feelings are highlighted by the tactile essence of the soft yarn, light and delicate weight, smelling the sensation created by the pleasure of soft embrace: a commingling between senses.

The mind reconnects imagination, perception and reality.

Welcome to new frontier!