Generating the Future

Our future will be defined in the shape we are creating now; we are looking to generate a new perspective in collection conceiving. Taking experiences from the past and throwing them into future products, new yarns, finishings and constructions. New blend fibers, experimental new shapes, conscious use of resources and sustainable new developments. Updating traditional structures and contextualizing them with modern technologies and a new softer appeal. Modern life requires extreme flexibility not only in performance but also in the final look. Garments have to respond to all needs: suppleness, pack-ability and fashion appearance. Looking towards the future, the stretch vision, with a functional and utilitarian view, the engineered performance and anti-seam-slippage updates itself in an extra light version, softer and easier to carry. The cutting edge glimpse of fashion is a group of shiny surfaces where the appearance makes a rendezvous with performance.

This is the next vision and path which moves us forward to our roots.

The past is the future and the future is now.