The Contemporary Synchrony
AW 19/20

The elements that define our own world are changing their shapes and features accordingly to our society. Like a kaleidoscopic vision, they break up into many fragments that move and crystallise into new structures. Creativity, cultural heritage and innovation hold these new facets together, interconnecting nature and science forming new dimensions, namely: Today’s Elements. The perceived blends together with tradition and emerging trends, reshaping and redefining our lore. A unique metamorphosis of shapes, colours, surfaces and textures changes its nature to translate itself into the contemporary. Each being filtered by technology, which has become a fundamental aspect that defines every detail of our life. More so than ever, today, fashion must be connected to the environment and the elements that dominate it.

The modern consumer is looking for a synchronicity with the surroundings and for flexibility without any compromise. The research of an innovative elasticity is the answer, elevating its performance and benefits, avoiding pressure and giving a second skin feeling. The pure beauty of sheen, is raised and highlighted by new patterns & colours; the mind immediately reconnects to the botanical textures and surfaces through the tactile sensation of the weave. In this scenario, to complete the industrial process, traceability is now a vital skill in fashion’s intense link with natural elements; to which it is imperative we allow the consumer to be deeply aware of it’s properties and the origin of the fabric that directly touches their skin.

A revolution in the industrial field: the transparency of industrial processes is a new step-up to reaching sustainability and connecting the circle of the elements.

Everything encompasses everything, just follow the thread that connects it.