Becoming a reliable, value-creating solution partner that focuses on fulfilling denim dreams.


Becoming a leading denim brand that provides added value to its stakeholders by commercially
realizing the power of sustainable innovation.


Calik Denim has adopted the principle of carrying out all business processes in light of the corporate
values ​​described below. These principles, adopted by all our employees, represent our corporate
reputation in the eyes of our customers.

Passionately Committed to Denim
With a belief in the privilege of denim fabric in the textile sector, we are weaving the dreams of a
denim world with a dynamic spirit.

High Innovation Capability
We know that investing in continuous innovation in R&D processes and products is the most significant prerequisite to meet our customers’ needs. Our goal, as Calık Denim, is always to be “the first to come to mind” in the denim world.

We consider customer needs as our most important source of motivation. We provide excellent responses to customer needs through our diverse range of products, our high quality standards in customer service, and our effectiveness in time and cost management.

Adopter of Sustainability
We always act with an awareness of our responsibilities to humanity and to the planet in which we live. We prioritize sustainability in our business model and processes.

Adding Value to Stakeholders
We see our employees, suppliers and customers as our fundamental building blocks, and we encourage them to express themselves and their ideas freely and openly. We provide value for our employees through development activities and for our other stakeholders through original projects.

Honest, Transparent and Consistent
We are honest, transparent and consistent in all our relationships and business processes.

Respectful to Rights and Ideas
We are a fair-minded company that sees the value in every idea, implements equality of opportunity, favors diversity and open communication at every level and respects ethical values.