Circular Stretch with Authentic Look

Circular Elastech gives multangular movement for natural flexibility powered by exclusive Calik Elastech technology. It uses Dualcore in both the warp and weft which allows end-users to have super stretchy jeans that really do keep their shape, negating the bag and sag traditionally associated with high stretch fabrics. “Holding Power” is best provided by circular stretch constructions for holding the body to show off a graceful figure. However, regular bi-stretch fabrics have a natural tendency to grow in the seat and knee areas after a repeated wear cycle. Circular Elastech gives a genuine full range of motion, while conforming to your body to enhance your freedom of movement. “Double Elastech effect” creates a self-control stretch fabric that helps to avoid size variance, that is encountered by consistent shrinkage during garment making and laundering. Circular stretch; the total body mobility.