Innovative Denim Solutions 2.0

We denim engineers are constantly in search of the perfect formula to develop the best denim fabric in order to offer the best wearing performance with the least trouble. However, skinny or slim fits designed with high elasticity stretch fabrics often encounter unsightly visual imperfections. One of the prevalent problems is the “elastane yarn breakage”. Why does elastane yarn breakage happen? Sometimes we purchase smaller size jeans, which we think will stretch to fit through wearing them, since the size that fits in the shop easily becomes saggy after a couple of wears. That might cause an eventual breakage of the elastane in the jeans. The other reason is the poor manufacturing of denim garments. Sewing through many layers of high elastic stretch fabric with the application of extreme force might be another root cause. High-elastane stretch fabrics that are constructed for a loose fit are another potential cause of breakage of elastane fiber. “T-Power” is an unparalleled stretch technology which intelligently overcomes elastane yarn breakage problems, ensuring a high performance, premium stretch fabric. By engineering a very high-tech yarn construction, it gives a cottony soft handfeel in contrast to the itchy feeling of polyester yarn.