CALIK DENIM, being one of the companies of Çalık Holding, was established in Malatya as an integrated yarn and weaving factory in 1987. With an annual production capacity of 42 million meters, CALIK DENIM is one of the most prominent companies in the world in its respective field. With its integration manufacturing facility and R&D centre in Malatya and a sales and marketing centre in Istanbul as well as its worldwide sales offices, CALIK DENIM is a strong, dynamic and reliable supplier for global brands. CALIK DENIM, which leads the industry with its unique collections that include both commercial and innovative fabrics, not only provides additional value to the economy by manufacturing sustainable and organic denim fabrics within its wide denim and gabardine fabric lines, it also protects the environment as well. The GOTS, GRS, OE100 and OE Blended Certificates that CALIK DENIM holds are a testament to this mentality. The company provides employment to over 1,500 people and undertakes its manufacturing activities on 427 weaving looms within a closed space of 178.580 m2 (a total area of 424.580 m2).





CALIK DENIM works on minimising the environmental impact of its operations and endeavours to constantly develop and invest in more environmentally friendly new technologies. The company is careful to use eco-friendly materials and processes, and develop eco-friendly products.



CALIK DENIM takes great pride in its role as one of the world’s leading denim suppliers. As part of our dedication to maintaining the highest ethical business practices, we only work with manufacturers and partners that share our commitment for social responsibility. It is our goal to be part of a solution that eliminates human slavery and trafficking in the supply chain industry.

To ensure that all CALIK DENIM products are made under fair and safe conditions, our partners must meet, if not exceed, our own rigorous code of conduct. We prohibit the use of child or forced labor. We expect partners to comply with employment and human rights laws. And in the event that one of our sub-contractors, sub-suppliers or service providers fails to meet these high standards, appropriate and timely action will be taken.

To do our part in protecting workers and the environment, CALIK DENIM conducts audits and training focused on ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices to ensure that high standards are being met.