To become a reliable solutions partner that creates value and focuses on realizing dreams of denim.



To carry through its sustainably innovative force in the commercial arena and become a leader denim brand that creates added value for all stakeholders.



Passionate About Denim
Believing in denim’s privilege in the textile sector, we weave the dreams of the denim world with a dynamic spirit.

Strong Innovative Power
We know that constant investment in innovation in R&D processes and the products yielded is a pre-condition of meeting the demands of our customers. As Çalık Denim, our objective is to become “the first that comes to mind” in the denim world.

We regard customer needs as the most essential source of motivation for us. We respond to customer needs in the most suitable way thanks to our wide product range, high quality standards in customer services, and activities with regard to time and cost management.

Adopting Sustainability
We pursue our operations, cognizant of our responsibilities for our planet and humankind. We adopt the principle of sustainability in our business models and processes.

Adding Value to Stakeholders
We consider or employees, suppliers and customers to be our building blocks, and therefore support open and free sharing of opinions. We create value for our employees through our developmental activities, and for stakeholders through unique projects.

Honest, Transparent and Consistent
We are honest, transparent and consistent in all our relations and business processes.

Respectful of Rights and Opinions
Fair and respectful of ethical values, Our company adheres to the equality of opportunities, encourages diversity and open communication at all levels, and recognizes that every single opinion is invaluable.