Unqualified Support for Education

The Anatolian High School section of Mahmut Çalık Educational Complex, which was built as part of a campaign entitled "Unqualified Support for Education", opened its doors in the 2012 academic year. Built on a total area of 40,000 square meters in Malatya, Mahmut Çalık Education Complex will be completed in three phases. The complex is envisaged to consist of a kindergarten, a primary school, and a high school and will also comprise student hostels for boys and girls, an indoor athletic centre, a cafeteria, lodging for teachers, amenities, and a conference hall.

Contributions to education have not been limited to the Mahmut Çalık Education Complex and lunches have been funded at three schools for the disabled, including Turgut Özal Special Education School, Abdulkadir Eriş Special Education School, and Ali Kuşçu Educational Center for Autistic Children (425 lunches per day) in 2014. In addition to textile products donated to the Red Crescent in 2014, we have contributed to the protection of the environment through a tree planting project carried out with the involvement of our employees.

SOMA April 23rd Festival

A celebration was held with students from Öztüre Primary School in Cenkyeri, Soma on April 22nd, 2015 in connection with April 23rd, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. In addition to magic shows and balloon games, face painting was performed by our employees and students in Soma. Also, backpacks made of Calik Denim fabrics were presented to the students during this joyous April 23rd festival spent together.

Malatya Education Foundation

Scholarships and student grants are offered through Malatya Education Foundation for successful university students in need of financial support. Applications for scholarships are processed by the Foundation after the receipt of funds annually donated by all companies within the group and scholarships are then granted to students in need.