Denim Anatomy

The denim world develops and renews itself every day. Denim fabric, one of the most important elements in the concept of rapidly changing “fashion”, contains an altogether different story from its contemporaries in history.

In the Denim Anatomy training program, which combines theoretical and practical training, all stages of denim manufacturing are examined in detail starting with cotton. To explore this integrated manufacturing process, which is both rewarding and challenging, in all its details, we embark on an exciting journey anew in each program.

In our Denim Anatomy project, which we implement with the contributions of academics from the Istanbul Technical University, we carry out practical workshops in our factory following training where theoretical knowledge of denim manufacturing is provided.

To discover together with our customers and sector stakeholders that denim manufacturing is a process that is rewarding and challenging, we embark on an inspiring journey.

Together, we go through this experience applying training from industry professionals and contributions from distinguished academics.

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