World needs more Oxygene!

May 13 , 2015 | Venice

Calik Denim launched its new eco-friendly concept in Italy. The new denim line, available from fF/W 2016/17, was presented at Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili, a specialized Italian dyer and finisher founded in 1965, at their Vedelago headquarters near Venice. About 80 designers from leading international jeans brands were presented the new Oxygene fabrics made with a special technology that combines specially dyed 100% cotton yarns with regular finishing processes. The Oxygene fabric can be treated more quickly (about 50–60% faster than with normal denim)  using smaller quantities of chemicals, water and consuming less energy. A variety of laundry treatments were used including laser, ozone, sandpaper and enzymes. In addition, treated fabrics were soft to the touch and retained their shiny look after treatment even though no resins were used.