Habit Fashion Awards, 2017
Habit Fashion Awards, one of the biggest fashion awards ceremony of Sweedish brands, was held in Stockholm on 16th of November. As part of the sponsorship, Calik Denim presented the year’s denim award to Dr.Denim in the organization.

Gerry Weber Open Tennis Tournament, 2017
The Gerry Weber Open, one of the world’s biggest tennis tournaments held by Gerry Weber, took place in Germany on June 18-24 this year. Calik Denim sponsored the tournament where global tennis players such as Rodger Federer participated. Rodger Federer became the 2017 single-category champion of the tournament, where as Mischa & Alexander Zverev Brothers won the double’s final.

Parsons Benefit, 2017
Calik Denim has sponsored the Benefit Academy Awards in 2017 held by Parsons, the US’s most comprehensive school of art and design which was established way back in 1896. Eileen Fisher, well-known for her sustainable textile production, Karen Katz, the CEO of the Neiman Marcus Group and a sensational singer/fashion trendsetter Rihanna, as the honored guest were all present at the ceremony where Calik got its place as the Silver sponsor.

Munich Fabric Start, 2017
During the Munich Fabric Start held between 30 January and 1 February, Calik Denim sponsored costumes of the team in charge of the fair organization. The team wore jeans and denim jackets produced with Calik’s Circular 100 concept which is a breakthrough providing high elasticity and ultra comfortable fabric.

Habit Fashion Awards, 2016
Like every year, Calik Denim took its place as the denim sponsor for the Habit Fashion Awards Ceremony in 2016 where Swedish fashion brands were awarded. As part of the sponsorship, Calik Denim presented the year’s denim award to Acne in the organization held in Stockholm on November 11th.

Munich Fabric Night, 2016
Calik sponsored the Munich Fabric Night organized by the Munich Fabric Start Fair held in September, 2016 where prominent participants from the industry were hosted. A special piece produced with the Circular Elastech concept was displayed in a showcase during the event which took place on August 30th and hosted over 1500 distinguished guests.

Gerry Weber Open Tennis Tournament, 2016
Calik Denim sponsored the 24th Gerry Weber Open Tennis Tournament organized by Gerry Weber, one of Germany’s leading brands. The tournament where world-renowned tennis players such as Roger Federer participated received a huge interest.

İTÜ Fashion Show, 2016
İTÜ Fashion Show, held every year for fashion design students took place on May 30th. Calik Denim had a jury seat during the contest which was organized to reward outstanding designs. Two of the students used Calik Denim’s fabrics.

Boğaziçi University Textile & Ready-to-Wear Summit, 2016
Calik Denim took its place as the Gold sponsor in the Boğaziçi University Textile & Ready-to-Wear Summit, held for the first time in 2016. During the event the future of the textile and ready-to-wear industry was thoroughly discussed. Mr. Ahmet Çalık, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Hamit Yenici, the General Director presented their views on the importance of innovation and sustainability in the industry.