Business Sustainability

Calik Denim takes care to work in harmony with its business partners and suppliers, especially its employees. The company shares its corporate conduct with all stakeholders and the public especially on “human rights” and declares its principles and values of operation.

Calik Denim Compliance Statement on Ethical Principles

As required by our devotion to highest ethical business practices, we are only working with manufacturers and partners who share our commitment to the same corporate responsibilities that we have in our business.

It is our goal to be part of a solution that removes trafficking practices in the supply chain sector.

In order to be sure that all Calik Denim products are produced under fair and safe conditions, our partners must comply strictly with the rules of conduct we have set.

We strictly forbid child labor and forced labor in our supply chain. We expect our partners to comply fully with employment and human rights laws.

In the event that our sub-contractors, sub-suppliers or any of our service providers fail to meet these high standards, appropriate actions are taken immediately.

As required by our responsibilities for the protection of the workers and the environment, we as Calik Denim are audited to ensure that these high standards are met, we conduct audits and organize ethical trainings on resource use, manufacturing and business practices.

Calik Denim strives to create the best conditions to ensure the health of its employees, prosperity and working in a safe and peaceful environment.
Calik Denim develops various applications and projects to improve and prioritize Occupational Health and Safety. Calik Denim has OHSAS18001 certificate within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety. Accordingly continuous trainings are organized and environment measurements (noise, dust, thermal comfort, etc.) are tested and a safe and healthy working environment is provided. Employees are examined periodically through health screening tests. Vocational qualification certificate for employees is taken. Graduate and doctoral education is supported. Internship opportunities for middle and high school students are offered. Internal and external trainings are organized for the enhancement of personnel competence. Employees have union rights.

Good Practice | DENIM ANATOMY

Denim world evolves rapidly every day, renewing itself. Denim fabric, one of the most important elements of the ever-changing “fashion” concept, has an unprecedented story.

Combining the theoretical and hands-on training, the Denim Anatomy Program examines in detail each and every stage of denim production, starting from cotton. Each program promises a breath-taking journey to explore all aspects of the delighted yet complicated integrated production process.

The Denim Anatomy Program is conducted with the contributions of İstanbul Technical University academicians. Following the training on the theoretical knowledge of production of denim, workshops are organized in the plant to support hands-on training.