Social Sustainability

Calik Denim is aware of the fact that institutions can only grow and develop with the society they live in.

While Calik Denim strengthens the country’s economy with its activities, it also adds value to the development and development of the society. The corporate social responsibility activities carried out with the principle of “creating added value for society” are a reflection of this understanding. With these principles in mind, Calik Denim carries our important projects especially in the field of education. Company employees voluntarily support social responsibility activities.

Good Practice | Projects to Contribute to Qualified Education

100% Support for Education

Calik Denim believes in the importance of new generation for a bright future and  supports through the Malatya Education Foundation, successful university students who need economic support. Calik Denim leads the way in which all the group companies participate together annually, and scholarships are provided to the students by the foundation.

The Anatolian High School Department of Mahmut Çalık Training Complex, which was constructed within the scope of the “100% Support for Education” campaign, opened its doors in the academic year of 2012. Based on a total area of 40,000 square meters in Malatya, the complex consists of a nursery, elementary and a high school as well as female and male student dormitories, an indoor sports hall, cafeteria, teachers’ residence, auxiliary social facilities and a conference room.

The educational contribution was not limited to Mahmut Çalık Education Complex; In 2014, three special needs schools, including Turgut Özal Special Education School, Abdulkadir Eriş Special Education School and Ali Kuşçu Autistic Children Education Center, were provided lunch meals (425 people per day). In addition to helping the Red Crescent with textile products in 2014, the company also contributed to the protection of the environment by a planting project which took place with the participation of the employees.

SOMA April 23rd Festival

The celebration was held with the students of Öztüre Elementary School in Cenkyeri Municipality in Soma on April 22, 2015 as part of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. In addition to the magician’s illusion displays, face painting activities and balloon games which employees performed with the students of Soma were organized. The backpacks manufactured by Calik Denim fabrics were presented to the students and an enjoyable April 23rd feast was held.

Malatya Education Foundation

Scholarships and student aids are provided through the Malatya Education Foundation, which provides scholarship support to successful university students who need economic support.

Every year donations are made by the group companies regularly. The applications for the scholarships are assessed by the foundation and the scholarship opportunities are provided to the students who need it.

As part of the ”Do Them A Favour” Campaign, a project was carried out together with TRT School aimed at solving the needs of Yeşilyurt Sumer Middle School in Malatya.

In addition scholarships are available for employees’ children. The foundation also supplies food to all of the three special needs schools located in Malatya.

A Better Future for New Generations

Calik Denim continues to support young generations in order to provide them a better future…
Çalık group volunteers visited Çığıran Primary School in Kars, to donate the students according to their needs…

Calik Denim also cares the increase of literacy rate… The company visited primary and middle schools in Bitlis, a city located in the anatolian part of the Turkey, to fill their libraries with books and underline the importance of the reading…