Creating a positive impact for/with Stakeholders

We are passionate about the power of collaboration. All of us can do great things, yet none of us is as 
powerful as ‘all of us’. 

Our passion is a means to create positive impact, drive change for our employees, suppliers, customers, business partners and related communities. Multi-stakeholder collaboration on a national and global scale encourages creating true value for/with our stakeholders. 

To realize our purpose, we focus on:


•  Local social and economic development
•  Occupational health and safety
•  Human rights 
•  Thought leadership.

Local Social and Economic Development:

We are passionate about creating meaningful change; and this is only possible by contributing to local social and economic development of the society we serve.

We are committed to contribute to the local social and economic development in the regions where we operate. Since the establishment of our factory in Malatya province in 1987, we have been boosting the employment rate and revitalizing the local economy; make a contribution in 40 countries across 4 continents in which we operate. 

Occupational Health and Safety

We are passionate to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees and subcontractors. 

Embracing “the right to a healthy and safe work environment for every employee” as a core business principle, we offer a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Certificate) and organize continuous OHS trainings for our employees. We are certified by the Higg Index Facility Social Labor Module developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition which is an industry-wide alliance for a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Human Rights

We are passionate about denim and we are committed to offering our customers high- quality and safe products designed and manufactured in sustainable ways. We ensure end-user health and safety in line with our international standards and highest-level customer satisfaction.

Thought Leadership

We are passionate to pioneer thought leadership, knowing well in our essence that each innovation was once an idea; each meaningful change was once a dream; and each step forward in the history of humanity was once a thought…

We make investments on areas we heartfully focus. We collaborate with our stakeholders, share our know-how and pave the way to make societal change. 

-We are passionate to collaborate with young, brilliant minds; carrying out social investment programs with universities to create added value for the society._We have many projects that support education and professional development of young minds. One of them is our cooperation with Parsons New School to create the Denim Department, entering the curriculum in the 2017 academic year. Furthermore, we founded Denim Anatomy in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University, which combines theoretical and hands-on training, for development of our customers. We aim to create shared value on a broader scale for both the denim industry and our society.

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