Reducing our impact on the environment

We are passionate about a sustainable world and a sustainable future. Reducing our negative impact on the environment means creating massive positive impact in the world.

Transforming ideas and inspirations into solid realities have always been a part of our dream. We always carried out a vision and a mission of solidifying a better future to live in. Thus we are committed to minimize our impact on the environment and protect nature through solid acts. 
To realize our purpose, we call for a broad coalition of stakeholders to transformation our industry into sustainable and low carbon economies; and we invest in innovative tools to create solutions. We focus on climate change and energy, water stewardship and chemicals management.

Climate Change and Energy

We are passionate to nurture our world against climate change as we are committed to be sensitive, responsive and adaptable for a sustainable world. 

We have purposefully revised our position to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We minimize energy consumption and operational emissions. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we invest in R&D for system development and product improvement. We put into practice policies such as Transparency Monitoring System through which electricity, steam, air and water consumption of all plants and machines is monitored, the values are recorded, and the total impact of the production phase is reported transparently. We are certified by the Higg Index Facility Environmental Module developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. We are committed to continue the struggle against climate change with powerful multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Water Stewardship

We are passionate to conserve natural resources by designing sustainable products that require less water and promoting water recycling in our production processes.

We developed the Oxygene concept which enables the use of 95% less water, 50% less chemicals, and 79% less energy during the washing processes and minimizes production pollution. Also, we implement the Waste Water Discharge Permit policy. Our Denethic fabrics offer considerable water saving values. For the rinse look, rinse+enzyme look and bleached look fabrics; we are proudly saving 44%, 15% and 32% respectively. Our purposefully developed D-Clear technology decreases water consumption by 40%, from 10 liters to 6 liters at Indigo / Sulphur Dyeing process per kg of yarn. It also reduces water consumption significantly by 83%, from  6,4 liters to 1,1 liters at the finishing process per meter of fabric.

We are passionate to raise awareness about water amongst our employees, suppliers, customers, consumers (end users) and all business partners via multi-stakeholder collaborations. 

Chemicals Management

We are passionate about the transformation of denim industry through solid chemicals management; both to ensure the health of the people and to eliminate negative impact on the environment.

We are significantly reducing the use of chemicals in our production. We are using organic cotton produced without using toxic substances since 2007. Our organic cotton usage increased by 32.9% from 2015 to 2016. We are a member of BCI and are preparing to participate in Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and detox programs. Our D-Clear technology significantly reduces the volume of chemicals used by 94%; making the use only 9 grams of chemicals per liter instead of 150 grams at the finishing process possible. Whereas our Oxygene concept allows us to use 50% less chemicals, making a significant contribution in chemical saving.

Our industry needs to collaborate to develop innovative solutions to end hazardous chemical use and reduce other chemical use. Our environment and the world we live in need our collaboration to sustain it with love, care and commitment.

As Calik Denim we aim to achieve our purpose with innovation, collaboration, transparency, economic performance and brand management, which are our precious enablers to make positive impact and create change for a sustainable world and for a better life. 

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