Great Minds Think A Like

Denim lovers and experts joined us for a day of fun in the perfect battleground for sustainability. The event took place at the ECO PRK laundry company, hosting major brands from L.A., the denim capital of the US.

The event purposefully focused on improving sustainability without sacrificing the look and feel of the garments. The panel was moderated by Amy Leverton and participants George Wilson, Kevin Youn, Ebru Ozaydin, Miles Johnson and Heather Morton shared their speeches on water conservation in the denim industry.

Following the panel, a laundry workshop took place introducing the outstanding qualities of our Oxygene concept, designed to save an average of 53% on the laundry process results with low consumption of water, energy and chemicals. We have also presented Elastech, one of our stretch concepts, working impeccably throughout the laundry process. Following the panel and workshop, the guests participated in an interactive create-your-own denim inspired & drought resistant terrarium, taking home creative and inspiring green compositions. we are grateful for the transformational experience, meeting so many inspiring people, announcing our quest for purposeful partnerships within the industry. Great minds think alike.

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