Great Minds Think A Like

Following the first workshop held in LA in March, we have taken the “Great Minds Think Alike” workshop series one step further, hosting the European edition in collaboration with the Italian laundry Elleti in Verona. Mostly Northern European and Italian brands, over 100 insiders, including jeans designers and denim specialists participated in the event. An informative laundry workshop took place at Elleti, after which participants were taken to Villa Sorio for the presentation of a unique selection of two hundred jeans, all produced with Calik’s innovative concepts -Easy Raw, Knitrogene, Oxygene, Ultrasoft, D’enovated, Circular Elastech- and treated with Elleti’s newest products such as Vintage Line and Earth Keepers. Treatments included eco-friendly finishings such as Ice-Blast, e-Flow and nano-bubble, all purposefully targeted saving water, energy and chemical consumption, while preserving workers’ conditions, and reducing emissions and waste.

We have presented “Easy Raw”, one of our latest novelties, which eliminates the crocking mostly encountered with raw denim, providing a stretch feeling despite its rigid look.

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