World Needs More OXYGENE

We have introduced Oxygene, our breakthrough innovation in the US in 2015, where we met with our customers to observe the effects of Oxygene at the Blueprint Denim Washhous -, one of the most-preferred denim washhouse companies by major brands in the US.

Oxygene, which was launched along with the AW’16’17 of Calik Denim, remained the centerpiece of the collection with its ‘5Less’ quality—meaning less water, less energy, less chemicals, less pollution and less time—a groundbreaking innovation minimizing the environmental impact of denim manufacture. In order to observe the effects of Oxygene, we gathered with significant participants from leading brands such as Ann Taylor, GAP, JCrew, Alexander Wang and Ralph Lauren at the Blueprint Denim Washhouse, where all types of wet and dry denim washing procedures were applied. Oxygene proved unmatched elegance without any resin, achieving a smooth, shiny finish for dark washes, and enhancing easy-wash effects in heavy wash-downs by using less water, less chemicals, less energy, less pollution and less time. During the Oxygene workshop, participants also applied Shibori, a Japanese art of indigo dyin, to scarves and bags adding even more creativity and inspiration to our empowering space.

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