Our Targets For 2025

We are passionate about living what we dream and envision. And only when we take solid steps, dreams become reality. Only then we awaken to a better life, to a better future, to a better world.

We are passionate to make positive impact and create change for a better life, which is only possible through solid steps and actions. We have set goals for ourselves in major 4 categories that we have purposefully defined and embraced: Environmental sustainability, sustainable raw materials procurement, innovation and thought leadership and stakeholder rights.

Target 1: Reducing carbon emissions per unit production by 20%
Target 2: 100% increase in the power generated from renewable resources as compared to 2018*

*The target is achieved. Renewable enegy target was revised into two targets in order to diffirentiate actions between energy production and renewable energy purchasing.

Target 3: Increasing renewable energy generation by 10% compared to 2020
Target 4: Increasing electricity purchases from renewable sources to %50
Target 5: Reducing water consumption per unit production by 30%
Target 6: Reducing wastes emerging from production processes by 30%
Target 1: Ensuring that the chemical substances procured are 100% certified*

*The globally accepted MRSL ZDHC lists V1 is completed. According to the new published system, the target will now follow list V2.

Target 2: Increasing the use of organic, BCI and recycled cotton up to 60%
Target 3: Increasing the number of suppliers subjected to the audits concerning environmental and social issues by 60%*

*The 30% target was reached in 2020 and the new target has been updated to 60%.

Target 4: Ensuring that the chemical substances procured are 95% GOTS certified*
Target 1: Increasing the impact of R&D, Product Development and innovation investments on the profitability to 20%
Target 2: Increasing the share of the income from sustainable product category in the turnover to 60%*

*The 20% target was reached in 2020 and the new target has been updated to 60%.

Target 3: Increasing the ratio of the investments made in the collaborations based on sustainability in the total investments to 10%
Target 1: Raising employee engagement rate to 70%
Target 2: Increasing the rate of employees included in skills management processes to 16%
Target 1: Increasing customer satisfaction rate to 80%
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