From Seed to Product 

We are passionate to embrace sustainability principles and act with purpose in all stages of our production processes.

We are consciously aware of the strong global waves affecting the denim industry such as climate change, technology and digitalization, which are deeply changing our world and consumer behaviors. 


We heartfully believe in being part of the solution, not the problem. We also believe that companies that have a purposeful stand play an essential role in contributing to the ‘solutions’ we are seeking as change-makers.  


As Calik Denim, we have developed the “From Seed to Product” framework, which provides transparency and traceability in the entire value chain in the journey of cotton, the most important raw material of the denim industry. 


In today’s modern world, we are more conscious than ever and consumers are rightfully demanding  brands to be accountable. We know that our customers can only answer the contemporary needs and demands of the consumers through a transparent and traceable value chain. As Calik Denim, we are committed to our transparency with our “From Seed to Product” framework; providing  information on all steps of our operations - from the raw material stage to the supply of the products put on the shelves, thus we provide the perfect solutions to our customers’ needs. 


Our “From Seed To Product” framework has 3 stages: 


The raw material is transformed from seed to cotton in partnership with our biggest cotton supplier Calik Cotton; cotton fabric is produced at Calik Denim integrated factory; and transformation from fabric to the product is offered to the end users.


•  From Seed to Cotton
•  From Cotton to Fabric
•  From Fabric to Product


In our journey from seed to cotton production, we enthusiastically cooperate with our business partner and cotton supplier Calik Cotton, which aims to make sustainable cotton ‘the new normal’. Together we support local development, creating shared value on larger scales as Calik Cotton expands sustainable cotton production through training of farmers and with the contracted agriculture model. It encourages the cultivation of seeds of high fiber quality, low environmental impact, suitable for their regions. It ensures reduced water, fertilizer and pesticides usage; increasing product quality and efficiency, protecting human health and nature with mechansied agriculture and advanced technology irrigation methods.

We are a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), established to empower global cotton production; to make production more abundant for the farmers, more beneficial for the environment and more effective for the future of our industry. We use the sustainable, high quality cotton produced by Calik Cotton in BCI standards.


After supplying the cotton produced by Calik Cotton, we proceed to denim fabric production in our factory. In this process from cotton to fabric, we ensure a production process that purposefully and significantly reduces water, chemical and energy consumption with sustainable and innovative technologies. 


We are committed to sustainability in all stages of our operations. We offer our customers the denim fabric, that is produced through a sustainable process starting from the moment the seed meets the soil. For us, our customers preferring purposeful Calik Denim fabrics that are the last link of a transparent and traceable value chain are a final reassurance of our transparency, accountability and realiability as a truthful, purposeful brand.

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