Lab Cycle

We have a passion to challenge our ‘so-called’ limits and boundaries. Each time we are challenged, we take another step to create change.

We become a part of the solution by setting ourselves for a challenge several times a year, regarding the sustainability issues of our industry. With our Lab cycles, we set the ground for our stakeholders to generate ideas, going beyond our current boundaries. We design processes and address sustainability issues with our participants, through innovative methods. We love developing know-how and brand new solutions for the denim industry.

Our Lab Cycles launch ‘challenges’ in order to create powerful solutions to the current and ongoing issues of our industry. The submitted projects will be evaluated by a jury of experts; the winner project will be rewarded and will be brought to life with Calik Denim; for adding value to our industry, for leading innovation, for contributing to a sustainable world.

We are passionate to carry topics from our cycles to international platforms, working with international partners who are experts in their fields designing unique innovation methods. We aim to create the maximum effect by integrating our initiated researches and empowering Lab Cycles.

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