Thought Leadership

In the beginning, it all was just a thought. A thought is what it takes to create a better life. And a solution is always born from empowering thoughts.

On our journey to make positive impact, we create the ground for outstanding ideas that could transform our industry through our Transformation Lab. We support new and unique ideas, purposeful researches and collaborations. We envision to be a pioneer in our field, a thought leader that can create meaningful change for a better life.



We have a passion to search and to always find a solution.

We take solid steps to approach and tackle sustainability with care. Along with this purpose, we support researches based on significant topics such as microfibers, circular economy, new technologies. Regarding a powerful topic of our preference, we are aiming to partner with prestigious universities and research institutes to develop, expand and spread knowledge. We passionately invest in these initiatives, as our goal is to create the solutions needed for the current and ongoing issues of our industry.

Microfiber Reasearch with Çukurova University: We have passionately completed a significant research with Çukurova University, expanding knowledge and insight through the measurement of microfiber rates produced by cotton, polyester and cotton-polyester fabrics during washing processes.



We have a passion to grow; both as unique individuals and as ones empowered by being a member of outstanding communities. 

We embrace our outstanding and precious memberships where we gather and unite with our stakeholders, business partners and manufacturers operating in various industries. We are a part of institutions, which bring together the business world and sustainability in order to join forces and work together, to create solutions and solid actions for a sustainable world and a better life. Our current memberships are:

- Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
- UNGC Turkey Participant
- TÜSİAD Environment and Climate Change Working Group

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