Transformation Lab

We transform by doing great things; or doing small things in great ways. 
We have a passion for transformation.

We have created the Transformation Lab with a purpose: To make our “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life” come alive, grow and spread; as solid acts are the only way to create a better life. Through our Transformation Lab, we aim to pioneer denim industry’s transformation to sustainability; to embrace sustainability with contemporary methods and to contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals. Transformation Lab has 3 major channels to inspire and empower sustainability:

• Thought leadership
• Lab Cycle
• Transformation Leadership & Learning

Thought Leadership

In the beginning, it all was just a thought. A thought is what it takes to create a better life. And a solution is always born from empowering thoughts.
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Lab Cycle

We have a passion to challenge our ‘so-called’ limits and boundaries. Each time we are challenged, we take another step to create change.
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Transformation Leadership & Learning

We have a passion to pioneer transformation. Not because we love power; but becuase we love to empower.
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