Sustainable Values
at Calik Denim

Since its establishment, Calik Denim has acted on the basis of corporate principles and ethical values in all business operations. The company aims to add value to the economy, environment and social relations with its sustainable approach, to carry out national and international operations with sustainable development and to become an institution with a high level of innovation power at both global and local scales, mindful of the priorities and expectations of its external and internal stakeholders and respectful to all rights and ideas as required by human rights.

Calik Denim carries out its operations with a “sustainability” approach in its business processes and aims to develop good practices while attaining these principles and targets.

Compliance with Global Goals
for Sustainable Development

Global Goals for Sustainable Development, announced by the United Nations in 2015, covers the essential topics underlying a sustainable development. Consisting of 17 articles, global goals have been discussed under 169 subtitles.

Calik Denim began executing its implementations aimed at sustainability, by evaluating its own operations and priorities through Sustainable Development Goals and determining the direct and indirect impact areas related to the expectations and needs of the stakeholders. In this context, re-auditing of business targets has been initiated to harmonize with Sustainable Development Goals.

Also as of 2017 Calik Denim has accelerated the preparations for a sustainability report by adopting GRI G4 reporting principles in order to be able to share its studies integrally with internal and external stakeholders.